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Jupyter Notebooks to demonstrate WRF-Hydro at Cronton New York

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These are Jupyter Notebooks for the WRF-Hydro training.
You can follow this procedure
1. Download "Download_WRF_Hydro_data_from_HydroShare_Resources.ipynb" on your local computer.
- Move into “Notebook_for_CyberGIS” folder and download Jupyter Notebooks
- Notebook name: Download_WRF_Hydro_data_from_HydroShare_Resources.ipynb
2. Start CyberGIS WebApp(Discover tab - search "CyberGIS HPC") and upload previous Jupyter Notebook
- Create “wrfhydro” directory in you personal directory in CyberGIS and upload previous Jupyer Notebook into “wrfhydro” directory
>> mkdir wrfhydro
3. Open and run Jupyter Notebook
- Download WRF-Hydro Jupyter Notebooks from HydroShare (
- Download WRF-Hydro Test Case at Cronton New York (
- Download WRF-Hydro v5.0.3 Singularity from HydroShare (
- Create Kernel for WRF-Hydro to use WRF-Hydro v5.0.3 Singularity container
>> mkdir /data/hsjupyter/a/davidchoi76/.local/share/jupyter/kernels/wrfhydro/
>> cp ~/wrfhydro/kernel.json /data/hsjupyter/a/davidchoi76/.local/share/jupyter/kernels/wrfhydro/
4. Open and run each Jupyter Notebooks
- Lesson 1- Getting started, Lesson 2- Running WRF-Hydro, Lesson 3- Working with WRF-Hydro inputs and outputs
- Lesson 4- Run-time options for Gridded configuration, Lesson 5- Exploring other configurations, Lesson 6- Bringing it All Together

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