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Water Level Measurements; Gensburg Markham Prairie; 2016-2017

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Created: Sep 18, 2017 at 6:31 p.m.
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Gensburg Markham Prairie comprises over 100 acres of well-preserved tallgrass prairie and wetland south of Chicago and is one of the Indian Boundary Prairies in Illinois. A U.S. National Natural Landmark, this site is valuable as a sentinel ecosystem for changing regional climate and a reference ecosystem for restoration and management of urban prairie nature preserves. In June of 2016, 10 piezometers containing water level sensors (InSitu LevelTroll 400 pressure transducers) were installed throughout the prairie, in addition to 8 of the same sensors deployed in ditches and surface channels in and around the prairie. The installation coincided with soil sampling and manual-visual characterization at each well location. Each sensor collects a water level measurement every 30 minutes. This installation and sampling campaign is a part of larger effort to assess surface water and groundwater dynamics in urban environments. Additional sensors, including soil moisture and electrical conductivity probes and a rain gauge, provide supplementary data for this project. This resource includes one year of data, from the installation of the sensors to the same date the following summer, capturing the effects of an unusually warm winter in the Chicago metro with very little snow and no extreme temperatures.

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Gensburg Markham Prairie
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Sensor Locations (lat, long, ground elevation, sensor elevation) data_id,lat,long,ground_elev_m,sensor_elev_m WLW1,41.607313,-87.690286,184.8758304,183.9949584 WLW2,41.607279,-87.689271,184.8066408,183.9623448 WLW3,41.608026,-87.688241,184.8697344,183.8727336 WLW4,41.60669,-87.68806,184.751472,183.7767216 WLW5,41.607355,-87.686898,184.801764,183.806592 WLW6,41.607376,-87.685553,185.1032112,184.176924 WLW7,41.604864,-87.690424,186.0084672,185.077608 WLW8,41.605637,-87.689245,186.5638128,185.7320136 WLW9,41.606277,-87.688627,185.557668,184.6103496 WLW10,41.606655,-87.68218,185.1565512,184.2747648 WLS1,41.60818806,-87.69035055,183.8864496,184.0263528 WLS2,41.607271,-87.688062,184.6332096,184.6393056 WLS3,41.607755,-87.687445,184.1717424,184.247028 WLS4,41.60743483,-87.6862757,184.4545968,184.509156 WLS5,41.604509,-87.690874,185.3897232,185.4327 WLS6,41.60497,-87.68377,184.4030856,184.4570352 WLS7,41.606328,-87.684945,184.629552,184.6548504 WLS8,41.60824325,-87.68279613,183.6956448,183.876696


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NSF INSPIRE Track 1: Earthcasting fluvial systems: Physical, ecological, and biogeochemical dynamics EAR-1344280
NSF EAGER: FEW: Life cycle comparison of water, energy, nutrient, and carbon requirements of urban and conventional food production strategies EAR-1541891


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Karl J. Gnaedinger The Nature Conservancy of Illinois

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