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2019 OAWD AgMAR Study - Software (C2VSIM)

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This repository contains information about the C2VSim model and the required changes to run Managed aquifer recharge scenarios

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WGS 84 EPSG:4326
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Orland Artois Water District


C2VSim Model

This repository contains information about the changes required to run C2VSim for managed aquifer recharge scenarios

The model files can be downloaded from the DWR website.

Prepare input files

To run managed aquifer recharge scenarios at least two files need modification. These files located under the Simulation directory. Examples of the modified files can be found under the Model files folder.

CVdivspec.dat is the surface water diversion specification data file (scenario_spec.dat under the Model files folder).

First the number of total diversions is defined (NRDV value). Next the file is split into two sections. In the first section we define the stream nodes where the water is diverted from, and in the second section we list the elements where the diverted is applied.

CVdiversions.dat is the surface diversion data file (scenario_data.dat under the Model files folder). This file contains the time series of the requested diversion amounts. These amounts will be adjusted according to stream water availability during the model run.

Running C2VSim

C2VSim is a windows program. Running the model involves two steps. Under the Preprocessor folder the following command is executed from a command line window

..\bin\PreProcessor3_02_x64.exe This step is required to run only once.

The next DOS command should be executed from the Simulation folder and it is the actual model run. ..\bin\Simulation3_02_x64.exe This step should be repeated for every scenario. Depending on the computer the run time is in the order of few hours


The final step is reading the model output. The main model output is the binary file CVZB.bin which is approximately 24 GB. By default C2VSim saves this file in the Results folder. To convert this to a readable format we have to execute the following command from the Budget folder. ..\bin\Budget3_02_x64.exe This is going to convert the binary budget to readable ASCII format files which can be then read using any programing platform.

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