CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW) 2021 Q1 Release Notes

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We are pleased to announce a new quarterly release of the CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW) platform at This release includes several new capabilities and features summarized as below.

1) Modeling CAMELS Basins with SUMMA: CAMELS (Catchment Attributes and Meteorology for Large-sample Studies: is a large-sample hydrometeorological dataset that provides catchment attributes and forcings for 671 small- to medium-sized basins across the CONUS. In this release, CJW has included enhancements and new features that support the end-to-end workflow of CAMELS basin modeling with SUMMA. An example notebook is provided to walk users through several essential steps including basin data retrieval and subsetting, setup of single and ensemble models, computation job submission and execution, and model output visualization.

2) RHESSys support via CyberGIS Computing Service: CJW now supports running ensemble RHESSys models on HPC (High-Performance Computing) resources through the newly upgraded CyberGIS Computing Service. Also, the RHESSys Jupyter kernel has been updated to include the latest version of “pyRHESSys” ( and other new tools for model configuration, output analysis, and visualization. See the example notebook below for more details.

3) User testing of Kubernetes-based CJW instance: A newly deployed CJW instance powered by Kubernetes (Aka K8s: is now available for user testing at The adoption of this most sought-after and cutting-edge cloud application deployment technology is expected to significantly enhance the availability and scalability of CJW as we have observed increasing user demand and a surge in new user registrations. We welcome all users to join this testing process and would greatly appreciate your feedback. We anticipate the user testing on the new CJW instance will take 1-3 months, during which the current production CJW ( will continue to be available in parallel until a final migration plan will be implemented before the next quarterly release of CJW.

Please refer to the following HydroShare resources for details and examples:
Modeling CAMELS Basins with SUMMA:

Run Ensemble RHESSys models on HPC through CyberGIS Computing Service:

Direct Access to Kubernetes-based CJW:

Set up OpenWith for Kubernetes-based CJW:

See Release Notes on HydroShare

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems ( Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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