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BARNES, Jason1, BORDEN, Robert C.2, YUNCU, Bilgen3 and HURLEY, Jim3, (1)Exponent, Inc., Environmental & Earth Sciences, 15375 SE 30th Place, Suite 250, Bellevue, NC 98007, (2)B2E, Inc., 1101 Nowell Road, Raleigh, NC 27607, (3)Draper Aden Associates, 1101 Nowell Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Decades of research has greatly improved our understanding of environmental remediation. While the results of this work are readily accessible to industry experts and academics, much of this information has not percolated down to the people that actually manage, regulate, and implement projects. This reduces the benefits of this research and increases the costs of managing environmental liabilities, especially at sites where contamination persists after an initial remedy is selected. New approaches are needed to communicate this information to users in a timely and accessible manner.
We are expanding the Environmental Restoration (ER) Wiki, developed by the Department of Defense’s ESTCP program, to the Environmental (Enviro) Wiki ( to provide accessible, current information on environmental restoration and other topics including contaminated sediments, natural resources, water and wastewater, air, and climate change impacts. The overall format is similar to Wikipedia with short ‘encyclopedia’ type summaries of current information, technical challenges, and extensive links to reports and project summaries of research funded by SERDP, ESTCP, and other programs. Each page is prepared by recognized experts and subject to review for accuracy and completeness. Existing and upcoming topics include:

Environmental Restoration
Contaminants (Hydrocarbons, CVOCs, Metals, Energetics, PFASs, NDMA, 14D, NAPL)
Subsurface Transport and Attenuation (Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes)
Characterization and Monitoring (DPT, Geophysics, LTM, MBTs, CSIA)
Remediation (SVE, Sparging, P&T, Thermal, ISCO, ISCR, Bio, Phyto, ZVI)
Monitored Natural Attenuation (NSZD, Solvents, Abiotic processes)
Energetics (Deposition, Toxicology, Sampling, Treatment)
Sediments (Capping, Dredging, Risk, Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis)
Regulatory Issues (Alternative Endpoints, Mass Flux, Risk, Modeling, Sustainability)
Energy, Water & Infrastructure Management
Regulatory Issues
Natural Resources
Climate Change Resilience
The wiki is online at Please check it out and provide us with your input. Suggestions for new topics, website improvements and general impressions are all welcome at

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