Paleo-physiography analysis

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The dataset contains netcdf outputs from global-scale landscape evolution model assimilating paleo-elevation and paleo-climate reconstructions over the past 541 Myr. The results are provided as global 0.05 degree resolution grids and include high resolution paleo-physiography maps, water and sediment fluxes, long-term erosion/deposition rates, and several morphometrics related to landscape dynamics (i.e., drainage basin ids, topographic position index, physiographic diversity).

The simulations are performed using goSPL model (Global Scalable Paleo Landscape Evolution - and rely on the paleo-elevation reconstructions from Scotese & Wright (2018) (PALEOMAP Project - and precipitation grids from Valdes et al. (2021) ( | data available from the Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment. Model ref:

Jupyter workflows to extract information from the resources using Hydroshare THREDDS Data Service:

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